Newsletter Post 1

1. Login as root


2. Create a new user

adduser newusername

3. Grant new user privelages

usermod -aG sudo newusername

4. Set up firewall

ufw app list

5. Allow openSSH through the firewall

ufw allow OpenSSH

6. enable firewall and make sure openSSH is allowed

ufw enable
ufw status

7. Give the new user access to the server ssh keys to ensure you are able to log in as new user. To do this copy the ssh folder from the root over to the new users home directory

rsync --archive --chown=newusername:newusername ~/.ssh /home/newusername

Now, before logging out of root’s ssh session, open a new tab and ssh into your new user’s account

And once you log in, try to do something only the root can do, like this:

sudo ls -la /root

If that works, youre all set up.